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Living with pets and naturals hides

So, pet owners know that living with pets can often mean more cleaning.

Pets LOVE sheepskin rugs and cowhide rugs and this page may help you.

Whether its poop, pee or throw up, it can all get onto sheepskin and cowhide rugs.

Here are some cleaning ideas.

Image by Paul Hanaoka

Which type of rug to cats and dogs like best?

I receive an awful lots of emails and texts asking which rugs their pets would like best. The answer is relatively easy. They would love any of them!


Short wool, long wool, coarse wool, soft wool, they are all super warm and cozy. 

There are a few items that you need to have at home in preparation for cleaning your rugs.

Items to have on hand

Cornstarch or other moisture absorbing powder, for liquid spills and mess.

Don't try to wash out wet messes from your rugs! You want to smother that wet mess with a powder such as cornstarch, let it soak up every little bit of moisture. Leave it on for a few hours or longer if necessary. Shake out and gently vacuum when dry (no rotating power head).

A wire pet brush (for sheepskin clean up).

Available from any pet store or farm store, any pet brush will do but the wire brushes work best.

Brush the area thoroughly, shake out again. 

Baking soda for smells.

Optional. If you want to freshen the area afterwards, sprinkle baking soda on and leave it for a while (overnight is great), shake out and vacuum. Baking soda can also be used if you don't like the smell of the hide after it arrives with you. 

Image by Evan Hein
Image by Paul Hanaoka

Feel good for providing your pets with the best, most natural place to sleep

Most pet beds these days are made with plastic, polyester, and microfibers. These are absolutely devastating for the environment from the factory they are made in to the continued time they are in your home and after you throw them out. Every time you wash them they release plastic fibers and particles into the water supply. They need to be banned.

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