The colour and markings on this cowhide!!! I just love it! This is one of the most beautiful greys I have seen. Sigh.....but its leather hide is thin, which is great for using as a bed spread, wall hanging or crafting leather but really its not going to work well for long as an actual rug on the floor.


Fabulous colour! This is such a gorgeous mix of warmth in this cowhide, Its a beautiful rug. Its size is shown in the photographs, and really is gorgeous. *see photos for imperfections. Stunning colours, and wonderful feel. We hand pick each of our cowhides for our business, every once and a while we see these spectacular hides and we hope that you can appreciate them as much as we do. You will recieve this exact one shown in the photographs.

T50 6.9' x 6' Cowhide bed spread, wall hanging or for crafting

C$360.00 Regular Price
C$234.00Sale Price