Alpaca Teddy Bear #6. The name 'Teddy' first originated in the early 20th century and were named after the former President of the United States President Theodore 'Teddy' Rossevelt. Handmade stuffed toy's fast became collectors items, often they were made from Mohair and their cuteness helped them fast become favourites. 
Our masterfully Handmade bears are made in Peru by talented local craftsmen and women.
This Bear is made from the 'Suri' type alpaca which is the most expensive type, its long lustrous fibers are super soft and silky.
Each one unique in pattern, fiber length and luster.
Size 15-16" measured at the longest woolly points on the ears and feet. See photos.
You will be purchasing the exact one shown in this listing. He may look a little squished when you receive him, a soft brush is all you need to fluff him up again.
Our bears are best suited for children over 3 years old as they have long fibers and very cute eyes that could appear like candy to babies.

Love #6 Gorgeous Alpaca Teddy Bear for sale