A gorgeous colour and texture, 'Light Pebble' reminds us of pebble colours found in Rocky Mountain river beds cascading down the valley's in the mountains. It's absolutely beautiful.Absolutely gorgeous dyed Icelandic sheepskin.Soft, fluffy and fun. Each sheepskin is very much similar to the one here in the photo.Size 100cm-110cm  long, measured on the woolly side.We love our Icelandic sheepskins', the tannery that we support actually specializes in tanning Icelandic sheepskins'. With their long wool it takes a lot of skill to be able to take the sheepskin through the tanning process and maintain the Icelandics beautiful long wool coat.The tanning chemicals and dyes used by the tannery follow the strictest European guidelines to care for the environment. These sheepskins' are very kind to adults and children's skin. None of our sheepskins' are obtained  or processed in China.With any dyed sheepskin it is advised not to place it on white furniture or place in direct sunlight.

'Light Pebble' gorgeous Icelandic Sheepskin

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