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Oh my gosh....

Its been so long since I wrote anything! I'm so sorry!

Its been super busy in the studio, I've been busy cutting up cowhide rugs into gorgeous squares in various sizes.

Why would I cut up lovely cowhide rugs?

A) Its a beautiful thing for crafty people to have a chance at purchasing larger pieces of cowhide to make larger projects of the same colour rather than being stuck with cowhide scraps or purchasing whole hides.

B) These cowhides had Patch repairs which I am notoriously not fond of or more ugly marks that I didn't feel good about selling. When I cut the squares I can cut around these marks.

Cowhide squares
Super large cowhide squares!

We create 10" squares, 18.5" squares and fun cowhide scrap packages. Nothing goes to waste. I even keep the pieces that I consider ugly, I will come up with a use for these later.

What can you make?

Gorgeous cushions, bags of all sizes, funny cowhide plush toys, jewelry, rugs, wall hangings and so much more fun stuff.

What equipment would I need?

Cowhide can be easily cut with a simple exacto knife blade.

You can sew the leather by hand, if you like with a leather needle and waxed thread or you may have a heavy duty sewing machine which you can also purchase a leather needle for.

I have a couple more cowhides to work on, I'm trying to get all of this complete before our massive order of sheepskin rugs appear at the end of this week. When they arrive I will be blogging about all the gorgeous sheepskin rugs that I find!

Have a lovely night everyone.

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