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As I sit here surrounded by down cushions

I recently decided that I missed making sheepskin and cowhide cushions so much that I should start making them again.

I had started making them a couple of years ago, but was really put off as one could purchase something made in China for a fraction of the price that could make it for.

But then I realized, these cheap versions had really no character or distinguishable features at all. Let alone the fact that there was no way to know what chemicals were used while tanning the hides, and what environment damage was done while making them.

So, I thought 'lets do it,' and lets let our fabulous customers know exactly what's involved to set up to making these beauties.

Lets start with the equipment. Sewing sheepskin and cowhide requires heavy duty industrial sewing machines which come with a learning curve and a huge price tag. I am very happy to report that we are able to purchase Canadian designed sewing machines.

These are both of my machines;


What about the materials?

Since I purchase hundreds of cowhide rugs each year, all hand selected by myself I create squares using the most lovely sections of the hides not the scrap pieces. Such as these gorgeous 18.5" x 18.5" squares;

And sheepskin, again NOT scrap pieces but some of the most gorgeous sheepskin you will find on the planet.

To make cushions such as these;

In so many combinations;

I make all of them in our little studio situated in Alberta, Canada.

Cushions either come stuffed with the best down feather cushion inner or sold as the cushion cover only with zipper or snaps for closure mechanisms. A great deal of thought and design goes into each and everyone of the cushion covers.

We recently brought in new environment friendly packaging materials and now each cushion will be sent out packed in a box, each neatly wrapped in tissue paper with out custom gum paper tape.

I hope that you understand a little more about the energy that goes into making these lovely creations and helps you understand why our fabulously large cushions will range in price from $140 to $200 each. These cushions will last for generations if properly cared for. I hope that you have a special place in your home for them too.

We should be in full swing making these by the end of July.

Keep following our social pages for updates.

All the best,


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