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Adventures 2021

So, you guys have kept us super busy this year and we are so grateful. However that meant that our blog writing was severely lacking (not a bad trade off). Its the last Saturday before Christmas, we've been out to restock our booth inside One Mans Treasure in Stony Plain and now we feel rather festive and relaxed that our business has managed to survive another year in this ever changing world.

We have tried a lot of new things in the shop this year, some worked, some failed, and some I ate. If you are a regular customer of ours, you probably received some sort of gift with purchase in 2021 which we love doing as we appreciate you so much.

What does 2022 look like in the shop?

Cowhides; Well we love the cowhides that we choose but to be honest I loose money continuously with them. Its rare that anyone wants to pay $260 or more for them, and I find myself needing to have huge clear-out sales just to try and recapture some of our original costs even if we lose money. So that cycle has ended.

Sheepskins; this is what I love the most and this is what we will expand on in 2022.

We will be working with four tanneries, each have specific types of sheepskin that they specialize in, we have built up relationships with them over the past few years and are confident that they have the best sheepskin product available for you.

Our aim is to have around 500 sheepskins available online throughout the year, these will be listed individually. This give you wonderful browsing opportunities and browsing is free, we are always thinking about you ;)

You will find sheepskins from Iceland, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Holland and Albania in our shop.

We are also expanding on our sheepskin and cowhide cushion collection in store. Along with making them ourselves in the studio, we are also having our specific designs made for us in 2022. This will enable us to offer a more diverse range than I have time to individually make.

33 long hair cowhides will be arriving within the next few weeks so that I have gorgeous materials to make cushions with.

Sheepskin Pet beds and chair pads;

They will be abundant in the store in 2022!

Natural white, icelandic and merino in sizes 14.5" x 14.5", 15" x 15" and 24" x 18".

There are so many ideas for the next season! Thank you for following us on Facebook and Instagram, we love the comments and it feels like you are actively taking part in our daily lives (we don't get out much).

Signing off for now as Angus is requesting a bowl of ice cream for the hundredth time.

We are wishing you the most lovely festive season xxxx

Nat's, Angus and Steven.

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