Image by Liz Brenden

Medical Sheepskins

Our way of giving back

We have a built up a terrific following after being in business for a few years, our customers are truly wonderful. We often have new customers contact us asking us what they can buy for a loved one that due to age or disability is suffering with bed sores, aches and pains or requires comfort in a wheelchair.

Doctors recommend the use of medical sheepskins, which we will now be stocking at a very low price. We believe that if people are suffering from something that a sheepskin can make feel better, then our way of giving back to society will be making this as affordable as we can.

I'm sorry but coupons cannot be applied to our medical sheepskins or sewing fee.


Please purchase these for yourself or those in need, please do not purchase to re-sell.

We have priced these lovely sheepskins so that our costs are covered for replacing the stock, shipping costs and making sure that other costs associated with the sale of each sheepskin such as credit cards fees, PayPal fees and the small amount of time for me to physically package and mail etc.

These are British sheepskins tanned in Europe, these are not tanned in China.

This is our way of giving back to those in need. 

We currently have medical sheepskins in two size ranges;

100-110cm in length

110-120cm in length.

We find that the stock varies a lot in size, and width so we will just pick the nicest quality for you.

If you would like two sheepskins sewn together to make a long double sheepskin, it will simply be a $10 fee for me to make it for you. I have provided a separate listing for sewing charges. 

Can you tell me if the medical Sheepskins are washable?
They can be hand or machine washed in warm water 30C using special liquid cleanser for wool on a gentle washing cycle, without spinning.
Stretch lambskin after washing and shape it a few times during drying as skin may shrink.

Leave skin to dry away from sunlight and direct heat.