Frequently asked questions

Will I recieve the exact sheepskin rug shown in the listing?

Yes! Our goal is for you to fall in love with the exact sheepskin that you like. Our photos are not photo shopped or artificially enhanced in any way.

Do the sheepskin rugs have any scent?

Our sheepskins have a lovely scent, the tanneries that we choose are very careful to makesure that each pelt is left with a pleasant mild scent other than a strong 'farm' odour that you may find from some retail outlets. If you still do not like the scent, you could drop a few drops of essential oil on the sheepskin as its natural scent will fade in time or you could sprinkle the sheepskin with baking soda, let it sit for a while then shake out and vacuum with a non rotationg power head. We will not be able to accept returns on any items that have been treated with anything.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Due to Covid-19 we now ship all weekly orders received by noon Tuesday the following day 'Wednesday'. You will be emailed a tracking number with Canada Post, please check your spam folder if you cannot see the email. The US postal service is very slow right now, sometimes they arent even scanning parcels. Please be pateint, its just slower than usual. International orders are a mystery, once they leave Canada its tough to track your order. All of our international orders so far have successfully been recieved by customers, but sometimes there is a long delay with customs etc. Please do not purchase if this type of thing makes you very nervous.

How to care for my sheepskin.

Brush your sheepskin with a brush once per month to keep it soft and lustrous, sheepskin naturally repels dirt so this should be suffice. Give the rug a good shake once a month. You can also gently sponge wash any spots that require extra cleaning, without getting the leather wet. Do not wash your sheepskin in the washing machine or place it in the dryer! If need be your sheepskin or cowhide can be dry cleaned with a professional drycleaner. Medical sheepskins; Can be washed. Please see the medical sheepskins page.