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Image by Matthew Henry


The Slow Season has arrived! Everyone wants gardening supplies instead of cozy things

We have limited numbers of gifts and sometimes we may substitute one item that has run out for another item.

Spend $100* or more and receive one of our very wholesome lanolin soap bars.

These are beautiful natural soap bars made right here in Alberta, filled with natural plant oils and butters, plus lanolin with is collected from sheep's wool after they are shorn.

To learn more about the soap click HERE.

*Before shipping and taxes.

Limited quantities available.


Spend $200* or more and receive this fabulous gift ensemble.

One of our very own designed Tea Towels, click HERE to see the collection.

Plus One of our fabulous soap bars as shown above.

Plus One Fresh Freshner which are very fun all natural air freshener's to hang in your vehicle. Made with pure essential oils.

*Before shipping and taxes.

Limited quantities available. 

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