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Lets Do More

We Can All Do Something Small

As scroll through my usual social media channels I'm seeing more and more people holding auctions for someone or a family in need. We often donate sheepskins and other goodies to be auctioned off but to be honest its become a little overwhelming with the sheer number of folks asking for help.

So we came up with this idea, if your sales transaction includes any of the following; sheepskin*, cowhide* or reindeer* hide we will put $20 of the proceeds towards donating items for auctions or for cash donations for those in need.

The only stipulations are that we cannot do this with items sold from the clearance section and no other promo codes or coupons can be used at check out*.

Image by Audi Nissen


We will focus on donating to local (Alberta) families/individuals because its simply easier to get products to them for auctioning.

Whether its an illness in the family, or a loss, kids need school equipment or even need funds for school trips. Single parents need extra help in covering costs for living.  Life can be really hard, but life can also mean meeting wonderful folks who step in to help make a difference no matter how small.


We hope that customers will love the fact that they are purchasing something for themselves that they will love and also realize that their purchase is also going to help someone else. We need more purpose in life sometimes, and doing small things can be big things for others❤ 

Mother and Son